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July 17-21 | Wildwood, GA

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July 17-21 | Wildwood, GA

Workshops & Classes

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Farm to Table Meals

Experience the amazing taste of farm to table meals.  We have a team of experienced plant based chefs that will create fresh meals from fresh veggies from the farm.

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Master the Basics

Master the Basics of Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, and More! We will have workshops on building simple structures, drywall, rain water collection, chainsaw safety, wood cutting and so much more!

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Wild Edibles

Discover the Bounty of Wild Edibles Awaiting Your Adventure! Join us on a journey of foraging and learn what plants are edible, and can be used for medicinal purposes.

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Seasonal Gardening

Get Ready for Autumn with Expert Garden Prep Tips & Tricks! Ensure your garden thrives through the cooler months. Workshops include, seed starters, Soil, season extension, building a fence to protect you garden and much more.

Team Hugging

Cultivate Connections

Your gardening and homesteading journey does not have to be a lonely one! Connections and community is vital to overall success. At the growing together conference we will focus on creating an environment to build and foster relationships.

Kid Chefs

Kids Program:

Work, Learn & Play

In our interactive kids program the kids will have the opportunity to Work by helping out with various projects, Learn practical skills to be helpful on the homestead and some fun surprises that they will be able to Play and have fun.

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JULY 17-21

Better Living

Conference Center

216 GA-299, Wildwood, GA

Since its establishment in 2014, the Adventist Agricultural Association has been dedicated to fostering sustainable agricultural practices through our annual "Growing Better" national Conference held every January. This event has become a cornerstone for our community, providing invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities.


In response to the increasing demand for more localized and practical instruction, we are excited to announce our new initiative: the "Growing Together" Regional Conferences. Our vision is to host multiple regional conferences worldwide, making hands-on agricultural education more accessible to a broader audience.  In addition to our regional conferences, we want to help establish community gardens and inspire the youth to seek opportunities in agriculture.

Join us at our 1st regional meeting in Wildwood, GA.  Hurry space is limited.

Meet the Speakers (more to be announced)


Chad & Fadia Kruzer

Chad and Fadia Kreuzer have traveled for the last 23 years speaking and producing films on health and the gut-brain connection, archaeology and the Bible. They have a passion for agriculture and run a YouTube channel called, “Health and Homestead.” There they share scientific research on natural remedies that are evidence-based and also on practical skills for agriculture and living in the country.


1. Agriculture, Health and the Last Days

2. Agriculture and the SuperNatural 

3. Prophecy and Agriculture




The Steubing Family

In 2017, John-Mark and Alison Steubing took their young children Amelia and Nicholas, walked away from great jobs, a beautiful golf course home, a thriving ministry, and lots of family and friends, and moved from the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona to rural northwest Georgia to start a dramatically new way of life together.  Why would a couple of city slicker, health care professionals leave such a good, comfortable life behind to tackle the incredibly overwhelming challenges of learning to maintain a 16 acre homestead, grow their own food, and even homeschool the kids?  When God called, they did their best to faithfully follow His unmistakable leading.  And now 7 years later, they’ve spent some days thriving and other days barely surviving, but they have always experienced God’s sustaining goodness and love in powerful ways.  The Steubing family enjoys their 6 family pets, bird watching, homegrown tomato and cucumber sandwiches, and the many other tremendous blessings of life out in the country.


"Escaping the Good Life"

Journey to Homesteading


Chris Palafox

Chris Palafox was raised in Loma Linda, California, where his mother who has a green thumb would teach him lessons about gardening. Later in his life his wife and two boys moved to Northern Idaho to do country living for 8 years. Originally his career was in Digital Media and Massage Therapy. The Lord opened up the door and opportunity for him to be the Wildwood Natural Farm manager since 2020. His passion is teaching how to use a farm for ministry in reaching souls and his moto is "The Goal is the Soul".


"It starts with the soil"

The Pierre Family

Robert Phillips

Cristina Felea

Cristina Felea is passionate about teaching others about their bodies, how to keep them healthy and thriving. She’s worked as a health and wellness coach and educator since 2016. She is a certified herbalist and owns her own herbal business ‘Arukah Apothecary’ where she makes tinctures, personalized herbal solutions and education. She currently lives in Tennessee at a beautiful organic vegetable growing farm.  


How to make your own herbal tinctures & how to formulate your own recipes


In this practical class you’ll learn the basics of making your own medicinal tinctures at home for you and your family. Learn about how to blend herbs safely and how to choose the right herbs for your health needs. 

Joubert & Arielle Pierre are passionate about family, faith, and gardening. Joubert has been a teacher for over seven years, teaching Horticulture, biology and chemistry. His passion and expertise in agriculture blossomed during his years of working on commercial farms. Arielle is a medical missionary, writer, avid storyteller, and homeschooling mother to three brilliant children. She has a passion for teaching children about the wonders of God's second book, Nature. Together, they maintain a 12 acre homestead with their extended family.  They share their journey to moving from Miami to the countryside of Alabama on their YouTube channel, The Foraging Family. Their mission is to help families build community and togetherness through agricultural education. 


"It takes a village"

Journey to Homesteading

Robert Phillips is a lover of nature and nature's God. He enjoys many branches of practical labor and entrepreneurship, especially farming and tree service. Currently, he owns and operates Sure Notch Tree Service in Kentucky.


Tree Work and Chainsaw Basics:

Tips from the pros on how to be efficient and safe.

Learn essential techniques for safe and efficient tree work from industry professionals. This class covers chainsaw operation, maintenance, and safety practices to enhance your skills and confidence in handling tree-related tasks. Perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their tree work efficiency.

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Vaughn Sparrow

Vaughn Sparrow serves as president of the Wildwood Health Institute. He is passionate about agriculture and homesteading.  Before coming to Wildwood, Vaughan worked at the Carlisle Bridge Farm in Grahamstown South Africa from 1992-2004.  In 1990, he also worked as a missionary to Zimbabwe where he helped in the building program at Solusi University.  Vaughan is married to Magda and together they have two sons


Water Catchment System

In this hands on workshop you will learn how to install a water catmint system on your house.

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